Why is my Pool Green

Pool owners, at some point, may ask themselves – why is my pool green?

Algae is a common problem for pool owners in Las Vegas.

It can be caused by many factors including poor chemical balance, rain, and heat.

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Maintaining a Clear Pool

Swimming pools need three important elements to stay clean and clear – 

  1. Correct alkalinity range: This pertains to the dissolved salts in the water responsible for keeping the pH level stable. With the right alkalinity range, the chlorine and pH levels will also be maintained.
  2. Proper pH levels: Ideally, pools should have a pH ranging from 7.4-7.6. 
  3. Chlorine: prevents algae growth.

How to Get Rid of a Green Pool

When the chlorine level drops below 1 ppm or the pool encounters other issues like incorrect pH and alkalinity, algae growth will be triggered. To get rid of algae, the pool needs to be shocked, involving a large amount of chlorine.

Regular swimming pool maintenance would need around 1lb of hypochlorite granular chlorine per 10,000 gallons. A pool that needs to be “shocked” may require more chlorine anywhere from 2 to 4 lbs per 10,000 gallons.

The filter needs to keep on running and pool technicians must look out for an increase in the filter pressure. When this happens, backwashing or cleaning of the pool filter will have to be carried out.

Regular pool maintenance is needed until the algae goes away. Green pool cleaning will also facilitate the proper balancing of chemicals.

Acid Washing an Algae Stained Pool

Shocking a pool is not a foolproof way to get rid of green pool water. If not treated correctly, algae can easily return and infest the swimming pool because there are actually numerous strains that can seep into the plaster.

Without proper algae treatment, the pool will slowly degrade, the pool surface will be stained and algae has the opportunity to bloom again. Acid washing is another effective way to get rid of algae.

Can I do pool acid washing by myself?

No. This form of pool treatment is not something that can easily be DIY-ed. Acid washing is a heavy-duty pool cleaning service that should be performed by a pool technician from an experienced pool company because it involves the use of harsh and dangerous chemicals.

The chemicals used in pool acid washing are very intense. It uses a diluted acid to strip a thin layer of plaster from the green pool. The process exposes fresh, stain-free plaster and effectively gets rid of algae and other contaminants that would otherwise survive without the acid wash.

Do I need to drain my pool for acid washing?

Yes. The pool needs to be drained when acid washing. It may be a tedious process but the dramatically beautiful results are worth it.