Pool Cleaning Summerlin

There’s an oasis of reasons why having a pool is a great investment. Aside from providing a reprieve from the Summerlin heat, a pool is also an awesome venue to spend quality time with family and friends. Plus, having a pool in your home also adds not only to the appeal of your home but to its overall value as well.

There’s no doubt about it – having a pool is fun and exciting. However, as fun as it is to dive into a pool, no one seems to get hyped when it comes to cleaning it. That is where Las Vegas Pool Pros enter the scene and save the day. Equipped with decades of pool cleaning experience, we have restored countless pools across Las Vegas. Whether you need regular pool cleaning services or pump repair, you can trust Las Vegas Pool Pros to keep your Summerlin pool looking spick and span all year round.


Swimming Pool Service – Summerlin, NV

Monthly Pool Service

As one of the most significant property investments, a pool needs to be maintained to keep it functioning at its best. Keep your Summerlin pool at its best with the wide range of services offered by Las Vegas Pool Pros. Whether your Summerlin pool needs repair, brushing, vacuuming or skimming, Las Vegas Pool Pros is the team you can trust.

Pool Maintenance

Pools are beautiful to look at but one major factor in keeping the pool at its finest is maintaining the water chemistry. Aside from that, there also needs to be regular pool repairs, filter replacement, algae removal, debris skimming, among others. Las Vegas Pool Pros will make sure that your Summerlin pool needs will be attended to – we offer weekly pool maintenance. Give us a call and we’ll work around your schedule to keep your Summerlin pool in tiptop shape.

Pool Tile Cleaning

Pools can be considered as extravagant, luxurious bathtubs; in the same way, a pool can also collect grime from hard-water deposits. Tile cleaning is very important to keep the pool clean and beautiful because it minimizes dirt accumulation and algae growth. Las Vegas Pool Pros provides an intensive cleaning service that makes future pool cleaning manageable, ensuring that your pool looks gorgeous for all seasons.

Pool Acid Wash

The process of acid washing is highly needed to remove any accumulated or hard-to-remove stains at the bottom of your pool or stuck in your pool walls. Acid washing also removes chlorine and algae, which may cause discolorations on your pool floor or wall. Once you start noticing stains on the surfaces of your pool, an acid wash might be needed. If done correctly, an acid wash can keep the pool algae-free for up to seven years. Las Vegas Pool Pros can give you professional pool acid wash services at your most convenient time.

Algae Removal

Sunny days in Summerlin are abundant, great for quick dips in the pool. However, did you know that warm and sunny days can also make algae grow fast? Eliminate the risk that these potential pathogens carry along and let Las Vegas Pool Pros perform a comprehensive algae removal service that cleans the pool without changing the chemistry of the water. Thanks to our multi-pronged approach, even the most resilient and stubborn algae won’t last in your pool.



Best Pool Cleaning Company In The Country

As a pool owner in Summerlin, NV, you may encounter lots of pool cleaning companies in the area. However, none can match Las Vegas Pool Pros when it comes to years of skill and experience and.

We value our client’s time and schedules and we make a conscious effort to provide the efficient repairs, maintenance and cleaning that your pool needs at the fastest time possible. That way, you can enjoy swimming in your pool with your family and friends right away.

The name of Las Vegas Pool Pros has been built on trust, accuracy and craftsmanship, strongly founded by the years of outstanding services we have given to our clients. From full-service repairs to routine maintenance, you can trust on Las Vegas Pool Pros to deliver our promises and go beyond your expectations.

Las Vegas Pool Pros is a household favorite because we don’t only offer high-quality services – we make sure that our services are affordable and easy on the pocket. We are confident that our service fees can beat the offer of other pool services in Summerlin.

Pool Cleaning Services

Our top pool cleaning services include green pool cleaning, algae removal, acid washing and pool filter cleaning. We also offer comprehensive repairs for anything related to pool parts and technology, including heaters and pumps.

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