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Pool Cleaning Spring Valley

Having a pool gives you and your family a great avenue for entertainment and leisure. It’s also a wonderful way to cool down, a relaxing reprieve from the Spring Valley heat. A pool also boosts the overall aesthetics and appeal of a home.

Swimming in a pool is truly relaxing and invigorating; but pool cleaning is another story. Everyone who owns a pool knows how difficult and tiresome it is to thoroughly clean a pool. Las Vegas Pool Pros are the heroes when it comes to pool service in Las Vegas. With years of professional pool cleaning experience tucked under its belt, Las Vegas Pool Pros is the prime choice for pool maintenance and restoration. We are the trusted choice of Spring Valley pool owners to keep their pools looking clean and beautiful all year round.



Swimming Pool Service – Spring Valley, NV

Monthly Pool Service

A pool is one of the most significant property investments and it needs to be maintained regularly for it to be at its prime. Las Vegas Pool Pros offers a wide range of cleaning and maintenance services to keep your Spring Valley pool at its prime.

Pool Maintenance

Pools, when maintained and cleaned regularly, can really provide a gorgeous view to your home. This is why it’s very important to keep your Spring Valley pool handled by no other than Las Vegas Pool Pros. They provide expert services when it comes to debris skimming, algae removal, filter replacement and regular pool repairs, among others. Las Vegas Pool Pros offers weekly pool maintenance services, to ensure that your Spring Valley pool will be ready for a dip anytime. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to set an appointment that fits conveniently to your schedule.

Pool Tile Cleaning

Just like a jacuzzi or a regular bathtub, swimming pools can fall victim to grime and hard water deposits. Keeping a pool clean and attractive entails thorough and regular tile cleaning to minimize algae growth and dirt accumulation. Las Vegas Pool Pros can efficiently address your Spring Valley pool tile cleaning needs, making sure that it’s in tip top shape no matter what season.

Pool Acid Wash

It’s totally discouraging and disgusting to see some hard-to-remove stains on your pool walls and at the bottom of your pool. This is where the process of acid washing enters the scene to save the day. Your Spring Valley pool may need a dose of acid washing to remove algae and chlorine stains that are really an eyesore. Keep an eye on the walls and floor of your Spring Valley pool; as soon as you notice early signs of stains, give Las Vegas Pool Pros a ring. When done correctly, a pool acid wash can keep the pool algae-free for up to seven year, so make sure you let the pros handle this process to save time and money.

Algae Removal

Spring Valley is known for its bright, sunny days but did you know that warm weather can make algae grow fast? Algae are potential pathogen carriers that’s why it’s very important for pool owners to make sure that it is rid of any traces of algae. Let Las Vegas Pool Pros handle this concern with our multi-pronged and comprehensive approach that effectively cleans the pool from even the most stubborn and resilient algae without changing the water chemistry. Swim with peace of mind knowing that your pool is free from algae and related pathogens. When it comes to algae removal, leave it to the pros!


Best Pool Cleaning Company In The Country

There are lots of pool cleaning companies in the Spring Valley area but they are no match to the expertise and years of professional experience of Las Vegas Pool Pros.

We know how valuable time is, that’s why we at Las Vegas Pool Pros make a conscious effort to give our clients the most prompt and efficient pool cleaning and maintenance services. There’s no time for dilly-dally – we get the job done right on time.

Las Vegas Pool Pros has been built on craftsmanship, professionalism, accuracy and trust our clients have given us through the years. From routine pool maintenance to service repairs and restoration, you can trust Las Vegas Pool Pros to take care of all your Spring Valley pool maintenance needs.

We can proudly say that Las Vegas Pool Pros is the top of mind pool cleaning service provider in Spring Valley not only because of our top-quality services but also because we make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. We provide affordable fees and packages, and we are confident that we can beat the price quotes of other pool services in Spring Valley.

Pool Cleaning Services

Our most availed pool cleaning services include pool filter cleaning, green pool cleaning, acid washing and algae removal. Las Vegas Pool Pros also offer repairs for practically anything that is related to pool management technology, including pumps and heaters.

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