Any pool owner would want the pool to be always clean and properly maintained. For residents of Las Vegas and nearby areas, Las Vegas Pool Pros can solve all your pool problems and concerns. Our team will make sure that your swimming pool, be it residential or commercial, is always clean and properly maintained.

Monthly Pool Service

On weekends, or on your days off, you should be taking the time to relax and just chill out. Don’t waste your time scrubbing, cleaning or vacuuming your pool. Las Vegas Pool Pros offers monthly pool service that includes brushing, vacuuming, filter cleaning, chemical monitoring – all the works –  just to ensure that your swimming pool is clean and beautiful all season long.

Algae Removal

Algae growth is one of the most common pool problems. It can be corrected by a combination of comprehensive cleaning and “shocking” the pool. You don’t have to lift a finger to get rid of algae from your pool. Just give us a call and our pool technicians will do the rest.

Pool Acid Wash

When there is too much algae in your pool, it makes the water dirty. This cannot be fixed by shocking the pool. Algae spores will grow and bloom without an acid wash that kills all of the spores for good. Las Vegas Pool Pros can carry out a pool acid wash to make sure that your pool is rid of algae for good.

Pool Tile Cleaning

Over time, lime, calcium, and rust make water stains on the pool. Sometimes these stains ruin the tile. We use low-pressure media blasting to avoid dislodged tiles or damaged grout.

Green Pool Cleaning

When your pool turns green, it means that there is too much algae in the water. We start with an assessment to see what we can do to fix it. Based on our assessment, if the green pool problem can’t be solved by filtering and shocking, an acid wash will be recommended.

Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance is hard – it can take a lot of your precious time. Let us do it for you with pool services that include balancing the chemicals, equipment use, tile cleaning and much more.

Pool Service Las Vegas

Call us today to schedule an appointment! We service pools in Las Vegas and in nearby areas.

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