Pool Tile Cleaning

Pool tiles are one of the most difficult surfaces to clean in your pool. When your pool tiles are dirty, it can look unattractive and totally opposite from the swimming pool that you’ve imagined. Most pool owners who tried to clean pools on their own would say that keeping the pool tiles clean and flawless takes hard work and lots of elbow grease.

Traditional methods for pool tile cleaning can cause damage to your filters and equipment over time.

Las Vegas Pool Pros uses a safe and effective method that will leave you with sparkling, spotless pool tiles without causing any damage to your expensive equipment!

What Do You Clean Pool Tile With?

The products that we use for pool tile cleaning will greatly depend on the type of pool to be cleaned.

For example, pumice stone is ideal for getting rid of stubborn stains on hard surfaces. However, if used on vinyl, pumice stone can cause unwanted damage. All-purpose cleaners or scale removers also make it easier to remove stubborn marks on pool tiles.

Pool Tile Cleaning Las Vegas – Leave it to the Pros

Why hire just anybody to clean your pool tiles? Let us show you how our team of experts can safely remove calcium deposits and leave your tiles looking as good as new.

Our team at Las Vegas Pool Pros knows what it takes and uses the right equipment so you don’t need to worry about scratches or calcium deposits! With our expert pool tile cleaning services, your Las Vegas pool will look like new.

Why Do We Use Mineral Salts?

Mineral salts are more expensive than beads or glass but they are gentler than your tile. Using mineral salts in pool tile cleaning will ensure that there will be no inhalation hazards and no pitting.

Mineral salts will dissolve in the pool within 24 hours and will not pose any harm to the pool pump and other equipment.

Las Vegas Pool Pros: Pool Tile Cleaning Services

For the process of pool tile cleaning, we use a power washer with a special nozzle that can effectively run the special mineral salt solution through the wand. This process can remove all calcium off the grout and tile with absolutely no damage.

Be wary of other pool tile cleaning services that don’t use mineral salt solution because you might end up with scratched tiles, which are totally unaesthetic.

The beads or glass used in the pool tile cleaning process will have small pits on the tile which will make it easier for the calcium to adhere to each tile later on. Las Vegas Pool Pros uses a solution that is safe to be vacuumed through the pool pump and into the filtration equipment. After cleaning and polishing, we will apply wax so that the water will smoothly bead off and the tiles will stay clean longer.

If you need pool tile cleaning done by the pros, call Las Vegas Pool Pros. We look out for the best interest of your pool and will perform pool tile cleaning quickly and without any hassle on your part. Contact us today to set a booking!