Pool Repair Service

Las Vegas Pool Pros take pride in providing expert pool repair service throughout the city and nearby areas. With years of experience, our team is the best in the area to fix any swimming pool problems in residential or commercial units.

Why choose Las Vegas Pool Pros?

ExpertWe’re always ready to help with any of your pool needs. When something breaks down or goes wrong, our technicians are experts at fixing it. You can count on us for the most reliable and cost-effective repair services in town.

EfficientWe offer fast pool repairs! We can repair your equipment or fix any leaks in no time. Simply schedule a service and we’ll be there as soon as we can. You don’t have to worry about going weeks without using your pool! 

You can count on us to help keep your swimming pool functional and looking fresh and clean. Whether or not you have a leaky pipe, scum buildup in tile grout lines that needs scrubbing out with our industrial strength cleaner, dirty sand and pebbles getting stuck on the floor of your skimmer box – call us today to get everything back up to par!

Think of Las Vegas Pool Pros as your go-to pool service provider in Las Vegas. We provide comprehensive pool service and repairs for literally all things linked with pools and water – from installing new equipment or fixing leaks in your current system. Our guarantee? We make sure that you have the highest quality service possible.

We offer repair services for the following:

  • Plumbing
  • Pool pumps
  • Pool Heaters
  • Electrical boxes
  • Pool filter cartridges
  • Lighting and bad connections
  • Fittings, connections and hoses

….and more!

For any pool problem, call us so we can check your pool and recommend repairs that might be needed. From small electrical repairs all the way up to a full pool replaster job – Las Vegas Pool Pros got you covered. If you need great customer service and professional pool expertise from a Las Vegas pool company then don’t hesitate to give us a ring today!