Pool Pump Repair

Think of pool pumps as the hero behind the curtain. The pump engine keeps swimming pools operating efficiently, sanitizing the water and circulating necessary chemicals to balance the alkalinity and pH. The pump is also responsible for bringing water to the filters, heater and chlorinating systems.

In short, the pool pump is the heart of a swimming pool’s circulation system. 

Pool pumps need to run every day to make sure that the pool is clean and safe. If the pool pump has issues, consider it as an urgent problem.

Las Vegas Pool Pros can provide cost-effective and reliable pool pump repair to make sure that your pool is in tip-top shape any season.

Common Pool Pump Problems

It’s time for a pool pump repair if it’s making strange noises or failing to function. Pool pump problems may involve issues with the motor or the pump itself, also known as the “wet end”. The “wet-end” refers to pool pump parts where water passes through which include o-rings, gaskets, impeller, pump pot, volute and diffuser.

In most cases, it’s more cost-efficient to get a pool pump repair rather than buying a whole new one.

Why Is My Pool Pump Making Loud Noises?

There are different reasons why a pool pump is making strange noises. But, just like most equipment, a few suspicious squeaks and shrills may indicate a problem. Don’t wait for the problem to worsen or escalate – contact Las Vegas Pool Pros to have a technician check your pool pump.

Screeching noises in the pool pump may indicate worn bearings in the motor. If the pool pump produces sound as if there are pebbles rolling around in the pump, it might be caused by vibration on the pad or cavitation (the pump isn’t getting enough water).

If left unattended, the pump will eventually run dry and the remaining water in the volute may boil and steam. This will lead to possible melting of the internal parts of the pump. Such a mess, right?

Avoid these pool catastrophes from happening by simply maintaining your pool regularly with Las Vegas Pool Pros.

Does My Pool Pump Need to Be Repaired or Replaced?

Pool owners are torn between availing a pool pump repair service or simply replacing the unit. As a general rule, the first thing to consider is to check if the pool pump can be repaired and if the repairs will not be as costly as replacing a new pump.

The best person to assess if you need a pool pump repair or a replacement is a pool technician. Las Vegas Pool Pros technicians are one of the best in the field and can give you an honest and comprehensive pool assessment.

How Long Does a Pool Pump Last?

Generally, a pool pump’s lifestyle lasts between 8-10 years, depending on usage. Once it reaches that point, breakdowns and the need for pool pump repair will become more frequent.

While it’s common for pool owners to replace the entire pool pump when the motor malfunctions, this isn’t really necessary. If you need to get your pool pump checked, Las Vegas Pool Pros technicians will get to the bottom of the problem and will advise if you need a pool pump repair or if you need to replace the pump as a whole.

Should I Leave My Pool Pump on All the Time?

No. Some pool pumps can get the job done in less than eight hours, while some models with big motors can push the water in around four to six hours.

How Many Hours a Day Should You Run Your Saltwater Pool Pump?

Technically, you don’t really need to run your saltwater pool pump round the clock. In fact, the energy bill would be really high if you plan on turning it on 24/7. To be safe, saltwater pool pumps need to run between eight to twelve hours a day.

Pool Pump Repair Las Vegas

You might need a pool pump repair if:

  • the cost of the pool pump motor repair is 65% or less of the replacement cost
  • the pump or motor is less than 5 years old
  • you want to avoid any plumbing work to connect a new pump

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Pool pump problems are considered to be an urgent pool issue. If the pump shuts down for 24 to 48 hours, algae can overtake the pool and would need immediate draining and acid washing.
Las Vegas Pool Pros specializes in swimming pool pump repair and offers world-class customer service with cost-effective pricing. Our pool technicians can diagnose the problem with your pump and will advise if you need pool pump repair of a unit replacement.

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