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Acid washing your pool can help you get rid of stains and restore the look of your pool. It’s an easy process that only takes about 30 minutes to complete. You won’t believe how clean it gets your pool! Plus, we have all the supplies you need for acid washing right here at Las Vegas Pool Pro. We even offer free shipping on orders over $50 so you don’t have to worry about paying extra fees or going out to pick up supplies yourself.

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Pool owners hate the hassle of maintaining their pool and they want a product that will make it easier.

Las Vegas Pool Pro is a new acid wash formula that makes cleaning your swimming pool easy. Unlike traditional acid washes, Las Vegas Pool Pro is fast acting, non-toxic, and biodegradable. It dissolves debris quickly without damaging any surfaces or equipment in your pool. In fact, we’ve had customers tell us this stuff works so well they put it on everything from their BBQ grills to their patio furniture!

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