Are you looking for a new pool heater?

Las Vegas Pool Pro has the best pool heaters on the Boulder City. We’re known as the go-to company for all your heating needs, and we can help you with anything from installation to repairs. Our team of experts is standing by to answer any questions you might have about our products or services. We even offer free quotes!

You won’t find another company that offers this level of pool heater repair service at such an affordable price. And if there are ever any problems with your heater, we promise to get it fixed ASAP so you don’t have to worry about your pool being too cold during those chilly winter months again! We also promise that your pool won’t be too cold during next winter. If you happen to live somewhere with chilly winters, we’ve got ya covered there as well!

We’re here for ya all year round and want nothing more than a warm swim at home in the depths of December or January.

If your pool has been neglected for years or was poorly installed in the first place, there may be more issues than just the heater itself that need attention before it can work properly again. That’s why we offer full service maintenance agreements with our repairs. We’ll check out everything else that could possibly affect your heating system so you know it will keep working year after year without problems. And if any of those parts do fail down the road, we’ll replace them at no extra cost to you! No other company offers this kind of peace of mind when they’re fixing your heater, which is why Las Vegas Pool Pro is still around today while some other companies have come and gone over the years.”

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