Pool Finish Options and Upkeep

You have a lot of choices when it comes to pool finish options and upkeep. Whether you choose the classic look of plaster, a budget-friendly pool liner, or pool tile, it’s important to consider not only the upfront cost but also the swimming pool maintenance and expected lifespan of the finish.

Below are the options for pool finish and the maintenance needed for each:

Plaster Pool Finishes

Plaster is the most common pool surface finish among Las Vegas pools. It is made by combining cement, water, silica sand or marble dust. White plaster gives Las Vegas pools a classic, timeless and ultra-smooth appearance.

A plaster pool finish can be customized with pigments and dyes that can add a new dimension when combined with glass tiles.

While plaster is an affordable option for a pool finish, it can also last for 5-7 years before it shows wear and tear like etching and chipping.

If you choose a plaster finish for your pool, expect that maintenance will be fairly frequent. Because the material of plaster allows algae to grow and hide within its pores, you will be needing regular pool maintenance services.

Acid washing every few years will also be needed to effectively remove any hidden algae. Pool cleaning will be necessary to address scale and stains on the pool plaster surface.

Aggregate Finishes

Aggregate pool finishes are made from plaster mixed with tiny bits of quartz, granite, river rocks or glass beads. This type of pool finish is actually a newer option and may offer better resistance to chemicals and staining. This type of pool finish is also recommended for owners who want to customize their Las Vegas pool.

An aggregate pool finish also offers better surface traction. In terms of durability, aggregate finishes can last well over a couple of decades.

In terms of maintenance, the most common issue for a pool aggregate finish is scaling or having a white haze on the pool surface. The plaster and the aggregate can also form algae which may etch or stain over time. 

The best way to maintain an aggregate pool finish is by having regular pool cleaning to avoid premature damages to the pool finish. 

Pool Liners

Pool liners are essentially a sheet of vinyl installed between the water and the walls of the pool. If you were able to see pool liners in the past, you’ll be impressed by how much it has improved in terms of durability and aesthetic.

A vinyl pool liner can last anywhere between six to fifteen years with proper care and maintenance.

Vinyl pool liners have a smooth, interior finish but will need proper and regular pool maintenance to avoid scratches or punctures. Take note that vinyl pool liners are not compatible with a salt water system. Regular pool cleaning and maintenance is needed to prevent buildup of grime, dirt and scale.

Pool Tile Finishes

One of the most durable (and popular) pool finishes is tile. Pool tile can be applied to the full interior of the pool or only on the steps, floor or waterline as an accent.

Tile is the most expensive type of finish but it’s worth it because it can last a lifetime. There are also numerous options to choose from, from ceramic, porcelain, stone, and glass available in every style, shape and size imaginable.

Just like any other type of pool finish, regular pool cleaning is necessary to ensure that your Las Vegas pool will look clean and beautiful in any season.

Scale buildup is one of the most common problems with tiles, especially with the pool waterline tile. You can choose to remove scale buildup in an old-fashioned way (which can take a lot of hours and elbow grease) or schedule a professional bead blasting session with Las Vegas Pool Pros.

Whatever your pool finish may be, our pool technicians at Las Vegas Pool Pros are experts in making sure that your Las Vegas pool is clean, beautiful and safe to swim in.