Pool Filter Cleaning

Your pool filter is designed to keep your pools clean and clear. It’s important that you maintain the system so it continues to work effectively. Make sure you invest in a good pump, install an effective filtration system with adequate filtering power for your needs, and always replace any inefficient or broken parts immediately as they arise.

Regular pool filter cleaning is the key to keeping it clean. Your filter system does most of the cleaning and clarifying, but only if you maintain it properly. If that’s not enough for you, there are other options like chlorine which helps break down dirt particles into harmless molecules in water.

Pool Filter Cleaning Las Vegas

Your pool is a beautiful place to relax, but it can quickly turn into an eyesore if not maintained properly. If you want to keep your pool in pristine condition, we offer regular pool filter cleaning in Las Vegas. 

You can enjoy the summer’s heat with some refreshing swims at home thanks to our pool filter cleaning package! Las Vegas Pool Pros offers regular scheduled visits that will keep all of those icky things (like algae) from destroying what should be one of your home’s best assets.

Maintaining your pool filter is a chore we are happy to do for you. We offer regular pool services in Las Vegas, including checking and cleaning the filters on a weekly basis so that you can enjoy swimming peacefully all season long.

How Your Pool Filtration System Works

Every pool needs a filter system to collect debris in the water. A pool has at least one drain at the bottom along with skimmer drains on the sides. These drains all have one main function – to catch debris and filter the water before it gets to the pump.

For heavy debris, they drop to the bottom drain while the floating debris is collected in the baskets of the skimmer drains. There is a strainer basket in front of the pump that catches debris before they reach the filter box.

Depending on the filter system used, a pool may have DE powder, sand or cartridge to catch the fine debris.

The debris that collects in your pool is slowing down the water flow. You can use a pressure gauge to see how much of an impact this has on both the pipes entering and exiting your swimming pools, so you know when it’s time for some maintenance.

Types of Pool Filters We Service

Cartridge Filter: These cartridges are the filter of choice for many above ground pools. Their simple two-piece design is easy to install and even easier to replace. Plus, they’ll work great with your pool pump for less strain that a sand filter would cause.

DE filters: This is the old school way to filter icky liquids, and it’s been tried and true for centuries. There are other modern filtration methods out there, but some pool owners prefer the classic DE filter. DE powder is the most sensitive type of filter material. It’s simple enough that diatom shells are all you need to provide efficient filtration and amazing clarity.

DE filters are considered to be the best choice for people who want to have sparkling pool water. However, DE filters have many parts which means that setting up and maintaining DE filters can be tedious and time consuming.

Sand filters: The sand pool filter is a sturdy and efficient way to keep the water in your pool clean. It will last for years and provide dependable filtration with minimal upkeep down the line. This type of filter’s unique design physically removes particles from swimming pools by using sand media or other types, like zeolite or glass, which make it vastly superior to alternative filtration methods.

Pool Filter Cleaning Service Las Vegas

No need to spend your precious time slaving over your swimming pool to enjoy clean and pristine water. Las Vegas Pool Pros can clean or replace your filter as needed to keep your indoor oasis charming as ever.

We offer pool filter cleaning services for all types of filters, may it be sand, cartridge or DE filter. Most of our clients get their filters cleaned at least three times a year; we recommend having your pool filters cleaned in March, June and September – an interval that’s ideally practiced to make sure that the pool is at its prime regardless of the season.

Pool Filter Cleaning FAQs

How Often Should My Pool Filters Be Cleaned?

Pool filter cleaning keeps your pool clean and safe for swimming. Regular pool filter cleaning also increases the life of the filter and pump system. If the filter pressure gauge increases by 8 PSI or more over normal operating pressure, it’s a sign that the filter cartridge should be cleaned.

If you’re using a sand filter, there’s no specific timeline when it should be cleaned. Food pool owners using an inlet and outlet pressure gauge, it’s best to check the pressure differential. If the filter is clean, it will be at 3-5 PSI. But, when the PSI rises to 16-20, it’s time to backwash the filter.

For a DE pool filter, it should be cleaned once a month or soon as the pressure gauge increases by 8 PSI or more.

Depending on usage and filter status, it should be cleaned every 3-6 months. Las Vegas Pool Pros includes regular pool filter maintenance and cleaning in our service packages.

When Is Pool Filter Replacement Necessary?

Pool owners can usually tell when they need a pool filter cleaning by listening to the pump. If the pump is sucking air and making whining or grinding sounds, the filter may need to be cleaned or replaced. The filter may also be failing to clean if the pool looks dirty or worn out.

Ideally, pool filters should be changed every 2-5 years. The lifespan of a pool filter will be shorter if the pool water gets in contact with deodorant, sunblock or suntan lotion.

For sand filters, no replacement is needed. It is a permanent media filter. You only need to replace the sand in the filter if it becomes solid or undergoes calcification. However, sand filter still need to be cleaned regularly.

Why Is My Filter Gauge Showing High Pressure?

The gauge may show high pressure due to the air in the circulation system. This could mean that the pool water level is too low. Normally, water level should be at the midpoint of the skimmer.

Another reason for high pressure showing in the filter gauge is if the pool has been turned off for a while or needs some serious pool filter cleaning.

Las Vegas Pool Pros: Pool Filter Cleaning Service

Day-to-day tasks can easily pile up, making pool owners forget about cleaning or replacing pool filters. To ensure that a pool is working at its prime, pool filter cleaning is needed. 

Entrust your pool filter cleaning to Las Vegas Pool Pros so you can spend your free time the way you want. Cross out the ‘pool filter cleaning’ task on your to do list, we got you! Call us today to schedule an appointment!