Do you hate cleaning your pool filter?

Las Vegas Pool Pro do too. That’s why we created a product that makes it easy to clean your pool filter without all the hassle of using chemicals or getting dirty. Our patented technology is the first and only product on the market that cleans filters in minutes, not hours or days. It’s perfect for people who want to save time and money by doing less work around their homes while still having a sparkling clean pool!

You can finally say goodbye to spending hours scrubbing away at your dirty filter with no results. With our simple solution, you can have a clean filter in just 5 minutes – guaranteed! Plus, our system is safe for kids and pets so they don’t accidentally get hurt when playing near an unclean swimming area. Now everyone can enjoy cleaner water without any extra effort from you!
Having a swimming pool in Tule Springs is great, but keeping it clean and warm all summer long can be expensive.
The good news is that you don’t have to deal with this expense on your own. There are lots of ways to save money on your pool filter cleaning costs this summer!

You’ll find everything you need in Las Vegas Pool Pro. They will help you keep your pool running smoothly all season long while saving hundreds of dollars.

Pool filters are a necessary but sometimes tedious task. We offer the best pool filter cleaning service in town to make sure your house stays clean with our friendly, knowledgeable staff!

A small investment for cleaner water and better swimming all year long. The easiest way to keep your pool filter clean is with a simple checklist. You should do an easy cleaning weekly or bi-weekly depending on how often you use it, but no matter what frequency of turn around time we recommend having someone come out and service the equipment at least once per season – especially in harsh weather conditions when dirt levels are likely higher because they’re not draining away properly through evaporation alone!