Pool Equipment Repair

Las Vegas Pool Pros is a leading and preferred pool repair company in Las Vegas. Our team is equipped to handle all types of pool problems.

We offer cost-effective and reliable pool equipment repair and replacement to ensure that your pool is working as it should.

There’s more to owning a pool than just “cleaning” it regularly. It entails comprehensive maintenance like balancing the chemicals, skimming and vacuuming. To make sure that you can enjoy your pool for a long time, you need to prepare for regular maintenance and possible repairs that come with pool equipment.

Pool equipment plays a big role in keeping the circulating water clean and safe. Without proper and regular pool maintenance, the parts can break down or be worn-out earlier than expected.

Even with regular cleaning, there may be instances when repairs will be necessary. As pool equipment ages, certain parts will be worn out. Las Vegas Pool Pros got your back – we can handle all types of pool equipment repair. From pool pump repair, pool filter cleaning, motor replacement down to pool heater repair, we can keep your pool working optimally.

Pool Pump Cleaning

Pool pumps require little maintenance. In fact, most pool pumps are self-priming, which means that there’s no need to fill it with water before it turns on each season. But, it is still important to clean the strainer basket regularly, a vital component located under the pump housing. The gasket or o-ring also needs to be checked regularly.

Pool Filter Cleaning

Meanwhile, the pool filter needs more maintenance. Whether you have a sand or DE filter, back washing at least once a month is needed. For cartridge filters, it will have to be removed for cleaning.

Pool Heater Maintenance

Pool heaters are low-maintenance compared to pool pumps.

A gas heater can be serviced at least one a year, while electric heaters can go longer until the next servicing.

Pool heaters commonly need servicing when they begin to fail in heating the water correctly, do not turn on or take too long to heat. Las Vegas Pool Pros technicians can pinpoint the cause of the problem and recommend a cost-effective solution.

Pool Pump Repair

The pool pump plays an integral role in keeping a swimming pool clean and safe. This equipment is responsible for pulling and pushing water in the pool.

A pool pump that stops working even for a day may lead to the growth of algae and may turn the water into a green, murky mess.

As soon as you notice a problem with the pool pump, contact Las Vegas Pool Pros ASAP. We offer affordable pool pump repair service to help keep your swimming pool back in action.

In cases where the pool pump has irreparable issues (i.e. cracked housing), replacement would probably be the best route. 

Another pool pump problem is cavitation. This happens when the pump fails to get enough water, causing the impeller to spin too fast, causing the air molecules to get out of the water and leaving the pump running dry. The water left behind can steam and boil, causing more damage to the pump. Once cavitation has occurred, a pool pump replacement is needed. 

This is why getting regular pool maintenance is important – to avoid bigger damage and expenses.

Pool Heater Repair

As we mentioned, pool heaters are actually low-maintenance. However, it doesn’t get rid of the risk that they may still malfunction or need a repair.

Las Vegas Pool Pros technicians can expertly carry out affordable repair and replacements of all types and brands of pool heaters. Whether you’ve got an electric, propane, or gas heater, we can fix that for you.

Our pool technicians will also recommend an alternative solution if ever they assess that a repair won’t address the issue or if replacement would be much better than repair.

Below are some of the signs that you need to replace your pool heater:

  • Rapid cycling (the heater keeps turning on and off)
  • Leaks around the heater
  • Problems with the control board
  • Failure to heat the water
  • Unit releases soot or smoke – a replacement is needed ASAP
  • Strange noises coming from the pool heater

If you’re considering replacing an old pool heater with a new, energy efficient unit, Las Vegas Pool Pros can help you switch from one energy source to another.

Pool Filter Cleaning

Pool filters are one of the busiest components of the pool, trapping debris and fine particles as they move through the pool pump. It’s highly important to keep the pool filter clean. A dirty pool filter will not be able to do its primary job which could quickly escalate into a dirty, grimy pool.

Regular pool filter cleaning may be a tedious task for someone who just wants to take a dip in the pool and relax. Don’t worry – Las Vegas Pool Pros can take the load of your shoulders. Just contact us to get a reliable pool filter technician. Plus, we’ll also check if your filter is still doing what needs to be done.

How often should a pool filter be cleaned?
It depends on the type of filter and how often the pool is used. As a standard rule, cartridge filters need to be cleaned every six months. DE filters need to be cleaned at least once a month. Pool owners can tell when it’s time to clean the filter by looking at the pressure gauge. An increase of 8 PSI or more is a tell-tale sign that pool filter cleaning is needed.

Pool Filter Replacement

Replacement of the pool filter also depends on the type of filter usage and maintenance. Most filters need to be replaced every 2-5 years. If pool users swim using sunscreen or other cosmetic products, the pool filter may need to be replaced sooner.

Sand filters are not made to be replaced but they will need regular cleaning to facilitate proper filtering processes.

Don’t waste your precious time with pool cleaning. Contact Las Vegas Pool Pros so you can just sit back and relax and take a dip into a sparkly clean pool in no time. Contact us today for an estimate!