Pool algae is unsightly and can be dangerous. It grows quickly, making it difficult to remove.

The problem with pool algae removal is that it’s easy for Boulder City homeowners to get overwhelmed by the process. Most people don’t have time or energy to spend several hours scrubbing their pools clean of algae every week.

Las Vegas Pool Pro offers a better solution by offering fast and affordable pool cleaning services in 6 hours or less! We use state of the art equipment and safe chemicals that are designed specifically for this purpose, so we’re able to tackle even large-scale algal infestations quickly and effectively without damaging your pool surfaces or getting you wet! Our customers love us because they know they’ll get great results at a fair price from our friendly team members who will work around your schedule while protecting your pets and children from potential dangers associated with swimming in an unclean pool. Give us a call today if you want professional service at reasonable

Imagine how much time you could save if we took care of everything for you. We’ll even take away any debris left behind so there are no traces of our visit except for the sparkling clean water waiting for you when we leave. It doesn’t get better than this – trust us, we know what we’re doing!

Nothing is worse than a pool party ruined by a nasty green algae problem.

Green algae can ruin your pool and make it almost impossible to swim in, but you don’t have to live with that. We’ll show up at your house and get rid of the algae before it ruins more parties!

Call us today for fast service on removing the green slime from your pool. Our experienced staff will be there within 6 hours or less to remove all traces of this unsightly growth from your water line so you can get back to enjoying the summer sun!

Contact Las Vegas Pool Pro today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts!