Pool Cleaning Paradise

Owning a swimming pool is a fun and exciting addition to your house. Aside from adding to the glamour factor, having a pool in your Paradise home will definitely add appeal to your property. While swimming or lounging in a pool may be refreshingly glamorous, cleaning the pool is a whole other story; it’s tiresome and not to mention full of nitty gritty processes.

If you are like most pool owners in Paradise who love to swim in their pool but don’t really get excited with the thought of using your muscles to clean the pool, fret not – Las Vegas Pool Pros can do the job for you. Las Vegas Pool Pros have mastered the art of pool cleaning with years of experience and craftsmanship. If you want your pool to be clean and beautiful all year round, let the experts in pool service in Las Vegas do it for you. 

Swimming Pool Service – Paradise

Weekly Pool Service

A pool in Paradise – what more can you ask for? Well, there’s not really a swimming pool that cleans itself regularly, so you will really need to seek the help of the experts – and that is where Las Vegas Pool Pros come in. We offer regular or monthly pool cleaning and other necessary pool maintenance services to ensure that your Paradise pool is functioning at its best.

Pool Maintenance

A swimming pool can really be a literal paradise, a short reprieve from all the stress and hustle and bustle of life. However, when not maintained regularly, a pool can be a source of stress. Las Vegas Pool Pros offers incredible pool maintenance services to take the stress and hassle of pool cleaning out of your hands.

From regular pool repairs, debris skimming, algae removal and filter replacement, Las Vegas Pool Pros will make sure that your pool in Paradise will be a beautiful and relaxing spot in your abode. 

Pool Tile Cleaning

Swimming pools are very vulnerable to hard water deposits and stubborn, accumulated grime. Maintaining the tiles of a small bathroom or bathtub can be quite challenging, right? So can you imagine how much more challenging it will be if you need to rid your swimming pool of grime and hard water deposits?

Worry no more because Las Vegas Pool Pros is well-equipped with years of professional experience to maintain or even restore hard to clean, abandoned pools. Pool tile cleaning? We got you covered!

Pool Acid Wash

Your Paradise pool was made to add value to your abode, an investment aimed for fun, leisure and quality time with family and friends. When hard-to-remove stains appear on your pool walls or at the bottom of your pool, it’s a warning sign that you might need to contact Las Vegas Pool Pros as soon as possible for an expert acid washing treatment.

When done right, acid washing can effectively remove chlorine stains and algae and keep it free from those two annoying elements for up to seven years.

Algae Removal

Paradise, Nevada is known for its sweltering heat during summer which is why having a swimming pool is a delightful addition to the home. However, warm, summer weather can make algae grow and multiply which can be really unpleasant aesthetically and hygienically. 

Contact no less than the experts, Las Vegas Pool Pros to help you with your pool algae problems. We use a versatile, multi-pronged approach that comprehensively cleans your Paradise pool from algae without altering the water chemistry.


Best Pool Cleaning Company In The Country

There are numerous pool cleaning companies in Paradise, Nevada but they cannot really compare to the craftsmanship and pool cleaning expertise of Las Vegas Pool Pros.

We highly take into consideration the time of our clients, making sure that we adhere to their chosen schedule. Our team at Las Vegas Pool Pros makes a conscious effort to roll out our pool cleaning services at the expected time so that pool owners can go back to enjoying their aquatic sanctuary.

Las Vegas Pool Pros is the name you can trust for all your swimming pool needs in Paradise, Nevada. Built on years of experience, professionalism, craftsmanship and customer service, we make sure that we deliver top satisfaction to our clients.

Las Vegas Pool Pros is a favorite among Paradise swimming pool owners because we proudly offer quality services with an affordable price tag. We are confident that we can beat any price quote of any other pool cleaning company in Paradise, Nevada.

Pool Cleaning Services

Our most in demand pool services include acid washing, routine pool cleaning, algae removal, green pool cleaning and pool tile cleaning. Las Vegas Pool Pros also offers pool management technology like pool pump repair and pump cleaning.

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