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Pool Cleaning – North Las Vegas

Owning a pool in North Las Vegas is a great idea; summer days may be sweltering and most of the days of the year are dry all year round. Hence, a quick dip in the pool is really a great stress reliever and a wonderful avenue for relaxation and family bonding moments. There’s no doubt about it, nothing beats the feeling of cool water splashing on your skin but cleaning the pool is another story. 

The upkeep and maintenance of a swimming pool is far from relaxing – it is a nitty, gritty process that needs professional expertise. If you own a pool in North Las Vegas and you don’t want to deal with cleaning the pool yourself, Las Vegas Pool Pros will save you from the hassle and tiresome job of pool cleaning. Las Vegas Pool Pros have years of professional pool cleaning experience, keeping swimming pools at their best all year round.

Swimming Pool Service – North Las Vegas

Weekly Pool Service

Owning a swimming pool in North Las Vegas can pave the way for a lot of memorable family moments. However, when a pool is used regularly, it also entails regular maintenance. Free yourself from the hassle of pool cleaning and let Las Vegas Pool Pros run the regular pool cleaning and maintenance services to ensure that your North Las Vegas pool is ready for quick dips anytime.

Pool Maintenance

Your North Las Vegas pool may be considered as a hotspot in your abode. It is indeed a spot where fun and relaxation takes place, but if not maintained regularly, a pool can bring stress to the owners.

If you want to save yourself from the hassle of pool maintenance and cleaning, Las Vegas Pool Pros can do the job for you. From regular pool repairs, pool filter cleaning, debris skimming, algae removal or pool cleaning, you can count on Las Vegas Pool Pros to keep your North Las Vegas pool clean and beautiful.

Pool Tile Cleaning

Just like jacuzzis or bathtubs, swimming pools are prone to accumulated grime and stubborn, hard water deposits. With Las Vegas Pool Pros, North Las Vegas pool owners need not worry about getting those hard-to-remove water deposits and grime out of their pool. 

Pool Acid Wash

Simply looking at your North Las Vegas pool and hearing those little splish splash sounds can already be a relaxing experience. But it’s a whole other story when you look at your pool and you can see eyesore stains that ruin the view.

Las Vegas Pool Pros can efficiently remove the stains, even the stubborn ones, with a good dose of acid wash. The process of pool acid washing should be done by professionals, and if done correctly, your North Las Vegas pool can be free from algae and chlorine stains for up to seven years.

Algae Removal

Algae is a silent traitor of swimming pools, getting in from rain or even bathing suits. Algae spores thrive when there’s abundant sunlight and warm temperature. In short, it can flourish in the hot Las Vegas weather!

Combat the onset and growth of algae before your pool water turns green. Let Las Vegas Pool Pros handle all your needs with our expert approach to removing any form of algae from a swimming pool without altering its chemistry.


Best Pool Cleaning Company In The Country

There are many pool cleaning companies in North Las Vegas but they cannot match the craftsmanship and pool cleaning expertise of Las Vegas Pool Pros.

We value our client’s time and we want to take the yoke of pool upkeep and maintenance from your hands. We at Las Vegas Pool Pros do our very best to make sure that our pool cleaning services are rolled out in a timely manner, so that our clients can spend less time worrying about their pool and spend more time swimming leisurely.

Las Vegas Pool Pros is the trusted name for all your swimming pool needs in North Las Vegas. Our company is built on years of experience, craftsmanship, professionalism, making sure that our clients receive the highest quality service in terms of pool management and maintenance.

We are a favorite household name among North Las Vegas pool owners because Las Vegas Pool Pros offer premium services with an affordable price. We can guarantee that we can beat any price quote of other pool cleaning companies in North Las Vegas.

Pool Cleaning Services

Our highly in-demand pool services include pool tile cleaning, green pool cleaning, acid washing, algae removal and routine pool cleaning. Las Vegas Pool Pros also provides expertise in pool management technology including pool pump cleaning and pump repair.

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