Monthly Pool Service

Why choose Las Vegas Pool Pros?

Our pool technicians are one of the most reliable and experienced technicians in the industry. They go through hours of rigorous training to provide expert pool service that exceeds the expectations of each client.

Convenient Monthly Schedule
Las Vegas Pool Pros offers monthly services so our pool technicians can regularly check the chemicals and pH level and ensure that it’s always at the appropriate and safe levels for you and your family.

But that’s not all – as we said, we provide a comprehensive monthly pool service such as:

  • Cleaning the pool with a vacuum and brush
  • Adding chemicals as needed to control PH levels and algae growth
  • Checking and cleaning pool filter if needed
  • Making sure all equipment and fittings are in top condition
  • Inspecting and making minor repairs
  • Recommend and/or perform any repairs
  • Replacement of pool equipment as needed

Pool Service Las Vegas 

When it comes to pool cleaning and maintenance services, it’s best to leave it to the pros. Las Vegas Pool Pros is a professional pool cleaning company who can give pool owners full access to premium monthly pool service.