Green Pool Cleaning Service

First-time pool owners should know that pools have a series of mechanical parts and if this is neglected, the household might find themselves with icky, green water.

A swimming pool that has been left too long with little or no maintenance will get green and swampy in no time. Pools that are covered with algae can be difficult and time-consuming to clean. However, Las Vegas Pool Pros won’t back down from these challenging pool situations. 

Las Vegas Pool Pros are experts in green pool cleaning and making it beautiful and swimmable again in just a few days!

Why does my pool keep turning green?

One of the primary reasons for algae growth is stagnant water. When the pool filters and pumps are not working well, it becomes a breeding ground for all sorts of nasty stuff like algae and other bacteria! 

Make sure you’re checking in with your pool filters and pumps regularly or suffer the consequences of temporary lapses such as an algal bloom – which will turn pretty much any pool into something out of The Blob (yikes).

Algae can thrive in warm, humid environments with out-of-whack pH levels. These conditions allow the algae to draw energy from photosynthesis that is necessary for their growth. In addition to that, higher acidity levels also make for great conditions of algae growth.

Green Pool Cleaning Service | Las Vegas

The process of green pool cleaning and keeping it back to a clean and beautiful slate is quite tedious. In fact, the best thing to do is to skip the DIY and leave it to the pool pros.

Clearing out a green pool will take around 3 days. On the first day, algaecide will be poured in the pool to kill all kinds of algae. It’s normal for the pool to look all cloudy at this time.

Around 4 hours later a bottle of Think and Sweep will be added to make the debris drop to the bottom of the pool. Once all the debris has settled at the bottom, Las Vegas Pool Pros technicians will vacuum the pool out.

On the third day, the pool will be already bluish but still a bit cloudy. Another bottle of Think and Sweep will be added and our pool technicians will brush the pool while allowing the pump to run and clear out the pool thoroughly.

After that, our pool technicians will vacuum the remaining waste and dirt from the pool and voila – it’s all clean, sparkly and ready for swimming!

What is shock treatment?

One of the tried and tested ways to prevent having a green pool is to occasionally give it some shock treatment. This way, small amounts of existing algae (if there are any) will be killed during its early stages of growth.

Las Vegas Pool Pros can maintain your pool weekly so you don’t have to worry about your beautiful aqua fixture turning into an icky, green pool.

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