Pool Equipment Replacement

Repair or replace? This is one of the biggest decisions a pool owner has to make when it comes to malfunctioning parts.
Las Vegas Pool Pros can help pool owners to come up with a wise and cost-efficient decision.

Pool Equipment Replacement Las Vegas, NV

When the damage is too big, the best option is to replace the defective equipment. Our pool technicians at Las Vegas Pool Pros can assess and weigh the costs of repair vs replacement.

Las Vegas Pool Pros can replace pool pumps with a new and high-efficiency pool pump that’s more powerful (and quiet) than the old ones.

Defective pool heat igniter? We got you! We can repair it quickly. Las Vegas Pool Pros can also install new LED lighting and similar plumbing and aesthetic upgrades to make your pool beautifully functional.

Why Choose Las Vegas Pool Pros?

We have the right equipment: Whenever you need a high-quality pool pump, don’t go and buy one right away. Las Vegas Pool Pros can offer pool equipment that’s more affordable with the same or even better quality than what’s available in the market.

We have established relationships with top wholesalers of pool pumps, pool heaters, LED lights and many more. This is our edge when it comes to pool parts and equipment – we can offer you lower prices for high-quality items, something that regular consumers don’t have access to.

We know when to replace vs repair: As long as we can repair it, we’ll fix it. But, we’ll also tell our clients the truth if it’s better to replace a malfunctioning part. We are committed to give our clients the best pool service – whether it entails repair or replacement.

We get real: As long as we can repair it, we’ll do our best to do so. However, we just don’t repair your defective pool equipment right away. We try to come up with a cost effective plan to make sure that you’re getting the best for your money. Whether we recommend a simple repair or a complete replacement, we can guarantee that our recommendations are cost-efficient focused on your best interest.

We don’t sell what you don’t need: Las Vegas Pool Pros treats all clients like family. We will never try to upsell pool parts that you don’t really need. We are transparent when it comes to costs of repairs and item replacements. We will make sure that you get the best value for your money.