Pool Cleaning – Enterprise, NV

There are numerous benefits of having a pool in your house than simply having somewhere to go to on a hot day. It has wonderful health benefits, both physiological and psychological. Plus, having a pool in your Enterprise, NV property surely adds to your home’s “wow” factor, adding value and appeal to your abode.

While having a pool in your home may be awesome, cleaning and maintaining it is a whole other story. This is where Las Vegas Pool Pros enter the scene as a lifesaver for pool owners. With decades of pool cleaning experience and many satisfied customers, we have maintained and restored countless pools across Las Vegas. Whether your Enterprise, NV pool needs regular cleaning or repair, you can trust Las Vegas Pool Pros to keep your Enterprise pool clean and beautiful all year round.

Swimming Pool Service – Enterprise, NV

Weekly Pool Service

A pool is considered to be one of the most significant investments in a property, hence, it needs to be maintained regularly to ensure that it is always at its best. Keep your Enterprise, NV pool clean and fabulous with the help of Las Vegas Pool Pros. Whether your swimming pool needs regular cleaning, maintenance, brushing, skimming or vacuuming, you can rely on Las Vegas Pool Pros expert services to do the job efficiently.

Pool Maintenance

There’s no doubt about it, pools add to the aesthetics of a house, adding glamour and a luxurious touch to the property. However, pool maintenance is far from glamorous. Entrust your pool maintenance needs to the experts; Las Vegas Pool Pros will make sure that your Enterprise, NV pool will be well-maintained and in tip top shape. 

Whether your pool needs regular pool repairs, debris skimming, algae removal or filter replacement, Las Vegas Pool Pros can keep your Enterprise, NV pool clean without altering the water chemistry. Give us a ring and we’ll work around your schedule to keep your pool in excellent condition.

Pool Tile Cleaning

When maintained properly and regularly, your Enterprise, NV pool can look flawless and breathtaking. However, having a flawless looking pool is not as easy as it looks. Proper tile cleaning is very important to ensure that your pool will be free from hard-water deposits, grime and algae growth. Trust Las Vegas Pool Pros to take care of your pool with our intensive cleaning services that will make future maintenance easier.

Pool Acid Wash

Having a swimming pool in Enterprise, NV is all fun and games until algae and other related pathogens start growing and multiplying in your pool. Poor winterizing and lack of proper maintenance are the most common reasons why algae and water murkiness take over swimming pools. If left untreated, algae build up may become excessive, and worse, permanent. As soon as you notice the first signs of stagnation or murky material in your pool water, your pool may need to have an acid wash right away. Contact no less than the experts, Las Vegas Pool Pros, for expert pool acid washing services.

Algae Removal

Algae can be considered as a silent traitor of swimming pools, getting in from rain, wind or even bathing suits. Algae spores thrive in an environment where there is abundant sunlight, warm temperature, nitrates, phosphates and carbon dioxide; in short, algae can very much flourish in the warm, Enterprise NV weather. Combat the onset and growth of algae before your pool water turns green; contact Las Vegas Pool Pros for a comprehensive algae removal service. We offer a multi-pronged approach that guarantees to rid your pool of any kind of algae without altering the water chemistry.


Best Pool Cleaning Company In The Country

As a pool owner in Enterprise, NV, you may know of pool cleaning companies in the area. However, no one can match Las Vegas Pool Pros when it comes to years of experience, pool cleaning expertise and craftsmanship.

We understand that each of our clients have their own busy schedule and we deeply value the time allotted for Las Vegas Pool Pros to service Enterprise, NV swimming pools. We make a conscious effort to make sure that we carry out our services in a timely and efficient manner so you can quickly go back to enjoying your pool.

Las Vegas Pool Pros has been founded on excellent service, craftsmanship, and years of experience. From routine pool maintenance to full-service repairs, Las Vegas Pool Pros can guarantee our clients to receive the highest level of service satisfaction.

Las Vegas Pool Pros is the top of mind pool service company because we offer our clients high-quality services at an affordable price. We are confident that our pool maintenance fees can beat the price quotes of other pool services in Enterprise, NV.

Pool Cleaning Services

Our most requested pool cleaning services include pool filter cleaning, algae removal, green pool cleaning and acid washing, among others. Las Vegas Pool Pros also offers comprehensive service repairs for pool parts and technology, including pool pumps and pool heaters.

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