Are you looking for a new pool service?

Las Vegas Pool Pro is the best monthly pool service in North Las Vegas. We clean your pool, make sure it’s safe and healthy to swim in, and even help with any repairs that may be needed. Our team of experts will take care of everything so you can enjoy your time at home without worrying about anything else!

You don’t have to worry about cleaning up after yourself anymore or getting into an argument with your spouse over who has to do what around the house. With our monthly services, we handle all of that for you so you can focus on more important things like spending time with family and friends or just relaxing by the water on a hot summer day. Plus, our prices are affordable so everyone can enjoy their own backyard oasis!

Swimming pools can be fun, but they also require a lot of work to maintain. The summer is finally here and that means one thing: getting outside for some fun in the sun. While some people like to stay close by, others enjoy spending their vacation at a local lake or beach which often has plenty of swimwear-clad beauties ready with candles lit under them just waiting on you!

The best part about going out there? The opportunity to get wet any time we want—whether its an evening dip before dinner (with wine!) or after breakfast while reading cereal boxes upside down from underwater until dark…

With our monthly Las Vegas Pool Pro maintenance plan, we take care of everything from vacuuming water lines and skimmers to cleaning filters and replacing chemicals so that you don’t have to! We’re fully licensed, insured, bonded and certified by the state of Nevada as well as the EPA for safe swimming pool management practices. All our employees are trained professionals who will keep your entire pool system operating at peak performance levels all year long with minimal supervision required on your part. Best of all we guarantee results or else our next month’s visit is free!