DIY or Professional Pool Tile Cleaning ?

Now, more than ever people are resorting to DIYs. To say that there are numerous tutorial videos on the Internet for whatever concern is an understatement. That being said, should you resort to DIY pool cleaning? Or is it better to get the services of professional pool cleaning companies? 

Here’s our take on this question – it’s better to let the pros handle it. Why? 

No matter how well you try and stay on top of regular pool cleaning, even if you clean it everyday, you are still vulnerable to scale buildup. This is caused by a buildup of calcium deposits as the water evaporates. 

Cleaning pool tile and grout is not as easy as you think. Since these materials are delicate, you need to use the right tools and the right cleaning agents to ensure that you don’t scratch or damage the tile or grout. Stay away from harsh chemicals and abrasives. Scrubbing is also a no-no! 

Read on to get a better understanding of the difference between DIY vs professional pool tile cleaning:

DIY Pool Tile Cleaning

As we mentioned, DIY pool tile cleaning needs a lot of elbow grease and chemicals, not to mention time and effort.

While pumice stone is a top recommendation for pool cleaning, it’s worth noting that it’s not appropriate for all types of tiles. When used on some delicate tiles, it can cause damage and scratches. 

If you think you’re all good in cleaning your pool with a pumice stone, think again. Pumice stone won’t work with all types of scale. While removing scale deposits is not really difficult, doing it improperly can damage your tiles. 

You can also try and use muriatic acid combined with a non-abrasive scrubbing pad. If you choose this cleaning option for DIY pool cleaning, make sure to wear protective gear – eye goggles, rubber gloves and a respirator. 

Is it worth going through this much trouble for DIY pool cleaning? Probably not. Plus, you’re not sure if you’ll get the desired results. Save your time and effort, let pool professionals, like Las Vegas Pool Pros, handle your pool cleaning needs. 

Professional Bead and Salt Blasting

With professional pool tile cleaning, you don’t have to worry about spending hours scrubbing your pool tiles or dealing with harsh chemicals. 

As one of the leading pool cleaning companies in the Las Vegas area, Las Vegas Pool Pros use glass bead blasting and salt blasting to effectively remove even years of thick scale deposits without damaging your tile and grout.

Glass bead blasting uses very tiny, round glass beads against the pool tiles with a low-pressure stream of air. 

These beads are gentle enough to keep your pool tiles unscratched but they are strong enough to get rid of accumulated algae stains, grit, calcium and oil. 

The best part? This technique needs no chemicals AT ALL. Plus, the beads are reusable and will be removed from the pool once the cleaning is done. 

Bead Blasting Alternative

Salt blasting is an alternative to bead blasting. In this process, natural mineral salt is blasted against the pool tiles.

On impact, the salt will burst and release built-up dirt and debris from the tiles. Salt blasting is an ideal solution for even the most delicate glass mosaic tile, sandstone tile and hand-painted tile. 

Let the professionals handle your pool cleaning and maintenance. With Las Vegas Pool Pros, our pool technicians will make your pool clean and sparkly and you don’t even have to flex a muscle. Easy, hassle-free, efficient – that’s our commitment to pool owners who will avail our professional pool cleaning services.