Do you need your pool equipment repaired?

Las Vegas Pool Pro is the best place to go for all of your swimming pool needs in North Las Vegas. We are a full-service repair company that specializes in repairing broken and damaged swimming pool equipment. Our technicians have over 20 years of experience, so we know what it takes to get the job done right! Whether you’re looking for an affordable solution or high quality workmanship, we can help!

You don’t have time to waste on unreliable companies who take forever to fix your equipment or charge too much money. That’s why our team at LVPP will always provide fast service at a low price. We also offer free quotes so you can see how much it will cost before any repairs are made! Call us today and let us show you why we are the top choice for all of your repair needs!

You just got back from a weekend in Las Vegas, and you’re exhausted. Your swimming pool is broken and needs to be fixed ASAP.

The problem with your swimming pool is that it’s not getting the right amount of chlorine into the water, which means that people are going to get sick if they go swimming in there.

Las Vegas Pool Pro is a locally owned and operated company that provides pool repair services for all types of swimming pool equipment including pumps, filters, heaters, salt systems and more. We also offer full service installation on new or existing in-ground or above ground swimming pools. Call us today!

Our team of experienced technicians can help you with any type of swimming pool equipment problem you might have from leaks to complete system failure. You’ll be amazed at how much we can do for your home’s pool as well as the affordable rates we charge for our work. Whether it’s an emergency situation or something small like cleaning out your skimmer lines, call us 24/7!