Pool Service – Boulder

The Las Vegas summer heat is truly exceptional and one way to beat the heat is to chill out in a sparkling swimming pool. Las Vegas Pool Pros can help clean and maintain swimming pools in Boulder and in nearby areas.

As the preferred pool cleaning company in Boulder, we don’t just perform regular pool maintenance, we can also handle serious pool issues like green pool or algae infestation. Whatever your pool needs may be, Las Vegas Pool Pros can help you stay on top of pool care.

Our main pool maintenance services include:

  • Pool cleaning service
  • Filter cleaning service
  • Tile cleaning service
  • Emergency cleaning service
  • Weekly/Monthly pool cleaning service

Our expert pool technicians can check and assess the status of your pool to help get it back in shape. Las Vegas Pool Pros can give Boulder swimming pools the best care to ensure that it’s at its best whatever season.

Pool Tile Cleaning

Over time, your pool tiles may start to develop white scale buildup due evaporation. This is a result of calcium deposits that form when water with high levels of calcium evaporates and leaves behind mineral residue on the tile surface.

If you don’t balance the chemistry of your pool water on a regular basis, it can contribute to an accumulation of scale buildup that’s difficult to remove.

Our pool technicians will use a special pool tile cleaning equipment to remove unwanted deposits and stains from pool tiles. We use a safe technique called salt blasting, effectively stripping away calcium deposits to achieve gleaming, bright pool tiles.

Acid Wash

In the summer, we all want to enjoy a cool dip in our backyard pool. But when you have green water that looks like an algae-filled swamp, your enjoyment takes a serious nosedive. An acid wash can help clear up this problem by removing the spores from where they’re coming back and ruining everything for everyone else.

The pool will first have to be completely drained before the acid wash treatment can begin. This process removes a layer of plaster from your swimming surface along with stains, so don’t do it unless you need to.

The acid wash process can bring back your pool to its former glory, leaving you with a clean and safe water source that will keep the green at bay for good.

Monthly Pool Service

Do you want to enjoy a refreshing dip in your own pool anytime of the year? As an owner, it’s important for you to know that there are monthly tasks related to maintaining your swimming pool. 

From keeping bacteria and debris at bay, as well as making sure the pH levels are correct–you can count on our trained experts from Las Vegas Pool Pros to keep up with all these things so that when summer rolls around again this coming May or June (depending where you live), you can take advantage of your private oasis!

Every month, our pool technicians can check your pool and make sure that the chemicals and pH levels are as they should be. We will also carry out a full cleaning of your pool to remove debris and check the filter.

Below is a list of some of the tasks our trained pool cleaning technicians will perform:

  • Brush and vacuum your pool
  • Kill any algae with the use of chemicals
  • Ensure the pool has the correct pH levels
  • Check the pool filter and clean if necessary
  • Check the equipment to make sure it’s working
  • Full inspection of the pool
  • Make a report of any issues that need to be repaired

Algae Removal

If green, yellow and black algae are covering your pool surface then you need our highly trained personnel’s expertise to get rid of the unsightly bacteria. Our experts use a liquid solution of algaecide and apply it from top-to-bottom, back-and-forth over the defective areas on or near the water’s surface. We can even help remove stubborn algae that is stuck to walls with shock treatments.

Pool Equipment Repair

Pool equipment repairs are things you don’t want to leave up to amateurs, so make sure you’re only working with the best for your pool. We’ve been taking care of Boulder pools for years, and we’re committed to providing safety and reliability while saving our clients money. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to protecting one of your most valuable investment.

Pool Equipment Replacement

Here at Las Vegas Pool Pros, we don’t want you spending the summer without your pool. Our experienced staff is on standby and ready to replace any equipment that needs replacing so you can get back to enjoying your pool during the hot, humid months.

Our team will make sure that everything in your pool is up top notch so it stays impeccable all year round.

Green Pool Cleaning

Ensuring clean water means not only keeping the surface free of debris (before it can overtake and pollute the pool’s body) but also scrubbing out any algae and bacteria that are lurking in unsightly layers below. Las Vegas Pool Pros has all the equipment and skills to restore your clear, sparkling pool.