Algae Removal

Las Vegas Pool Pros have been helping pool owners in the Las Vegas area maintain their pools for decades. We are experts at removing algae from swimming pools and keeping them clean, beautiful and pristine.

Algae can form due to many different factors including improper water balance or improper filtration systems. At Las Vegas Pool Pros, we understand that it is important to find a solution quickly before the problem gets out of hand.

Algae may have infiltrated your pool, but don’t panic. Las Vegas Pool Pros is here to help you fight this green menace with our quick removal process and all-star team of professionals.

Our expert technicians will be able to carry out affordable and effective algae removal that will help keep your pool looking like new!

What Causes Pool Algae?

Algae spores can infiltrate a pool from rain, wind or even from bathing suits. Algae will flourish in a combination of sunlight, carbon dioxide, warm temperatures, phosphates and nitrates.

A single-cell plant, algae is found in most bodies of water which have plenty of sunlight. It can form due to many different factors including improper water balance or a lack of proper filtration systems. When left untreated, it will grow and cover the entire surface area with its slimy coating.

Algae thrives when the pool lacks circulation, maintenance or filtration. A lack of these preventative measures means algae can grow uninterrupted and you may start to notice noticeable discoloration in your water along with other problems like issues with the pumps or filters.

What are some signs that you may need help with your pool?

If there is an increase in pH levels then chlorine levels should be increased;

If there are any changes to the coloration of the pool’s skin (green tinge);

If more than twenty percent clarity loss has occurred over a two week period;

or if too much sediment appears on the bottom during chemical cleanings.

How to remove the algae from your pool

Ideally, a pool full of algae needs to be sanitized with a heavy treatment of chlorine.

If any algae is still found after a couple of days, then the chlorine level should be increased.

Las Vegas Pool Pros specializes in providing high quality, affordable, and effective pool algae removal services for owners of swimming pools in Las Vegas and nearby areas.

Does Pool Algae Make You Sick?

Algae is not harmful, but you should avoid swimming in it. Aside from being icky to look at, algae can harbor pathogens, parasites and bacteria that may make you sick if they enter your body through contact with the water. Ear infections and diarrhea may also be caused by swimming in a pool with algae.

Preventing future outbreaks of algae in your pool

The best way to prevent algae from ever appearing in your pool again is to take care of the water chemistry balance and maintain it on a regular basis.

Regular pool cleaning and maintenance will kill any existing bacteria or green slimy stuff so they cannot grow up into more harmful problems like dead-algae patches which turn brown when left untreated for long periods of time.

Another way to keep algae at bay is being attentive with routine maintenance. pH level should not exceed chlorine levels.

For pool algae removal in Las Vegas, contact only the pros. Las Vegas Pool Pros offers a wide range of pool maintenance services to make sure that your pool is clean, safe and enjoyable.