Pool Acid Wash

A pool is a wonderful source of leisure and relaxation, but, if not maintained regularly, it can easily become a source of stress. It may turn green, or algae and other unpleasant organisms can take over the pool. As soon as you notice that something is off with your Las Vegas swimming pool, don’t waste and allow the situation to get worse. A pool that is left untreated for a long period is at risk to have excessive build-up that may become permanent.

As soon as you notice stagnation or murky material in the water, it’s time to call Las Vegas Pool Pros for a pool acid wash to thoroughly eliminate all growth and spores in the pool.

Pool Acid Wash Las Vegas

Pool acid wash is just one of the many pool maintenance services that Las Vegas Pool Pros offer. Why work with the pros?

Highly Trained
Performing an acid wash is not recommended for DIY-ers. To successfully (and properly) perform an acid wash, a trained pool professional needs to carry out the procedure. When done incorrectly, the pool is at risk for damage.

Safe and Proven Methods
Las Vegas Pool Pros pool technicians practice proper usage of safety apparatus and equipment. We make sure to get the proper balance of water and acid wash to maintain the integrity of the plaster. Using pure acid wash alone will ruin your pool. It’s best to leave the pool acid washing to the experts.

Pool Acid Wash Las Vegas – How do we do it?

A pool acid wash is used to remove unwanted algae and grime. This method is only applicable for pools made of in-ground concrete or gunite. For pools with vinyl lining, a different cleaning process is needed. If the algae growth and buildup is super bad, a new lining may be needed.

The process of acid washing requires utmost expertise and thoroughness. When done correctly, a pool acid wash can keep your Las Vegas pool clean for at least five years.

How to Properly Perform a Pool Acid Wash

The pool will need to be completely drained before the surfaces can be cleaned. We will put a thin layer of specialized acid on the bottom of the pool and walls to effectively remove surface level build-up. During this step, the acid strips off the stained layer of plaster without harming the pool.

DIY Pool Acid Wash – Is it safe?

Even though the chemicals needed for acid washing are easily available at your local pool supply store, we discourage DIY pool acid washing. Why? First of all, exposure to these chemicals can easily damage the plaster of your pool. Plus, when mishandled, the materials for pool acid wash can leave burns or scarring.

Don’t risk the beauty of your pool or your safety, skip the DIY pool acid wash and leave it to the pros. Las Vegas Pool Pros can help – contact us today to get a quotation for pool acid wash!