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Las Vegas Pool Pros is a top-rated pool cleaning company serving Las Vegas, Henderson and Nevada areas. Pools should be a source of relaxation and recreation, not a source of stress and bacteria! Maintaining your pool doesn’t need to cost a fortune – Las Vegas Pool Pros offers a wide range of reliable pool cleaning and maintenance services with an affordable price tag.

Las Vegas Pool Pros

Our most in-demand service is weekly pool cleaning. With weekly pool cleaning, your pool gets comprehensive maintenance as we ensure that the water quality is at its optimum and chemical levels are correct. All the dirt and debris will be removed from the water and walls of the pool. The filter and pump will also be checked to guarantee that your pool is functioning at its best.

Our team is committed to punctuality and efficiency. We see to it that we arrive at the scheduled appointment on time and leave our clients with a pool in mint condition. Contact us for a quote today!


Leave pool cleaning and maintenance to the experts. Check out Las Vegas Pool Pros pool cleaning services and more:

Weekly Pool Service

Owning a pool takes responsibility – it’s not just all about lounging in the pool with cute pink raft sipping pina coladas in the afternoon. As a pool owner, you should be aware that there are several pool maintenance processes that need to be carried out regularly to ensure that the pool is free from dirt, bacteria and algae.

Pool Acid Wash

Algae in your pool is a big no-no! The presence of algae in the pool needs to be addressed ASAP. Las Vegas Pool Pross technicians will make sure that algae won’t get a chance to thrive in your pool through acid washing. 

Pool Tile Cleaning

Over time, swimming pool tiles may lose their aesthetics due to calcium build-up. To maintain the beauty of your pool tile, Las Vegas Pool Pros technicians can carry out a comprehensive pool tile cleaning using environmentally-safe cleaning agents.

 Green Pool Cleaning

Green pool? Say no more – don’t try to set one finger (or toe) in that icky green slime. Let the experts handle green pool cleaning. In most cases, a pool turns green because of an overgrowth of algae. However, it may also be caused by improper PH balance, clogged filter or warm and humid weather.

Algae Removal

It’s no fun swimming in a murky pool. If you happen to see a yellow, green or black algae that floats over your pool water or you notice those icky substances stuck in the pool walls or at the bottom of the pool, it’s time to contact Las Vegas Pool Pros. 

Pool Maintenance

Las Vegas Pool Pros takes the tediousness of pool maintenance out of your hands. If you want to enjoy your pool for a long time, regular pool maintenance is a must. Pool maintenance ensures that your pool is in tiptop condition, correctly balancing the chemicals and ascertaining that the water and chemical levels are correct.

Pool Equipment Repair

There’s more to owning a pool than swimming and enjoying the view with family and friends. It needs regular maintenance and repairs. As a leading pool service and repair company in Las Vegas, we are more than equipped to handle all types of pool problems. The best part? Our services are cost-efficient.

Las Vegas Pool Pros technicians will make sure that your pool’s mechanical equipment is at its prime so that the pool water is clean, safe and well-circulated.

Pool Pump Repair

Think of the pool pump as the heart of your pool’s circulation system. If you’ve got a malfunctioning pool pump, it could pose a serious and urgent problem. A pool pump needs to run everyday to help keep your pool water clean. Las Vegas Pool Pros has technicians that can perform reliable and quick repairs to keep your pool pump running in mint condition.

Pool Heater Repair

Swimming pools in Las Vegas are always a good idea. It’s a great way to relax in the summer. However, a pool heater works its magic during night swimming or when the weather gets chilly. Just like any other pool equipment, a pool heater needs regular maintenance. If you notice that the pool heater isn’t giving the right temperature that you need, contact Las Vegas Pool Pros and we’ll carry out a thorough maintenance check.

Pool Filter Cleaning

One of the vital secrets to keep pools clean is through good filtration. It is the responsibility of the pool pump and filter system to keep the pool clean and clear. However, just like any other equipment, a pool filter needs regular maintenance to guarantee that only clean water is circulating in your pool.



PLas Vegas Pool Pros came out for an emergency. Though we hadn’t worked with them before, they treated us like long standing valued customers. They spent time explaining everything about the new equipment.

– Jessica E.

I used another company for ages, I didn’t even realize how poor their service really was. Now that I’ve been working with Las Vegas Pool Pros, now I know how wonderful my pool should be looking. My pool sparkles!

– Kevin W.

We turned our pool maintenance over to Las Vegas Pool Pros. Now we don’t have to spend hours every weekend trying to get things cleaned. We can just enjoy the pool. Their prices are competitive and worth every penny.

-Jacob C.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you have your pool serviced?

Swimming pools must be maintained and cleaned regularly. If not, it may lead to various diseases and infections. It is recommended to have your pool cleaned at least once a week to ensure that the water is clean and uncontaminated.

What is included in pool service?

Pool cleaning takes more than just skimming the debris out of the water. Proper pool cleaning includes testing the chemical levels and adding chemicals as needed to hamper the growth of harmful bacteria. We recommend that you leave the comprehensive pool cleaning to the professionals.

How long can pool water sit without chlorine?

Stagnant water without chlorine can quickly turn into unsafe water in just 24-48 hours. A pool without chlorine needs to be drained every other day to prevent bacteria from multiplying.

Is it cheaper to maintain your own pool?

Actually, no. Trying to maintain a pool by yourself may reduce the costs slightly, but not as much (and as worthy) as you might expect. First, you need to purchase ALL the cleaning supplies, chemicals and equipment to carry out pool cleaning and maintenance. Add to that the effort and expertise that you need PLUS the risk of making a mistake in the process, putting your pool and equipment at risk for damage. In short, it’s better to leave pool cleaning and servicing to professionals.

How do I keep my pool crystal clear?

The basic steps in keeping the pool crystal clear is to check pH levels, check the water levels and clean debris promptly. No time to clean and maintain your pool? Don’t worry, that’s what Pool Service Las Vegas is good at. Sit back, relax and let expert pool technicians from Las Vegas Pool Pros clean and make your pool crystal clear.